Hyundai Website

Smart and intuitive website for Hyundai Motors  - Israel top seller automative brand, with fast and easy method for exploring each car model.

Bee Creations created the Strauss Elite Coffee for business ecommerce website

Elite Coffee for business

Presenting the new Strauss Elite Coffee ecommerce website

Geographical Tours website

Geotours Website

As an integral part of the concept development and design of the Geographical Tours new visual identity, we created a comprehensive and extensive website, presenting the vast tour routs and options offered by the company.

EcoTower website

EcoTower Website

A Website for Tel Aviv's first ecologic office tower.

information station design

Khan of the White Donkey

An interactive information station for the Khan of the White Donkey in the old city of Safed.

Virtual water reservoir

National Water Reservoir

A web-based initiative designed to raise awareness to the national water conservation effort.

Israel Rugby Union Website

Online photography portfolio

Matty Karp - Photograpy

Online portfolio for a photographer, including photo galleries and info.


A viral campaign for the first Jewish GPS.