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BeamMed is a company that manufactures medical equipment and ultrasonic devices for measuring bone density and its related diseases, like osteoporosis. The company's products are the most advanced of their kind in the world and include unique and exclusive qualities that ease examination processes and allow for the most precise outcomes. The products have various applications suited for different ages, from preemies and infants to adults.


Two main goals were determined for the site: 1. Displaying the company's products, while coordinating each product's different applications 2. Displaying the full company profile and reflecting its activities, for potential clients and investors.

The company's image, as expressed on the website, is innovative, serious, experienced and possessing proven products and success.

Navigation and Structure

The challenge which stood before us in creating the site navigation is the necessity of displaying the company's products in a classy manner – according to product name – and simultaneously allowing for navigation by the age group looking for the product that answers their needs. Furthermore, another complexity was that some of the products undergo a compatibility process so that when applied and programmed differently, they are suitable for different age groups.
We saw it fit to avoid presenting a long list of products together with their age cross-section, especially on the home page, thereby allowing for quick, easy and comfortable navigation to the product pages.

We chose to create a "master-menu" which displays all products and enables them to be sorted according to age group.
Each product has its general information and the relevant information for the specific age group. In this manner, the possibilities are spread out before the user and the message is simultaneously relayed that the company has the ability to suit its products according to age groups.

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