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DMG – DSNR Media Group is a global digital advertising network. The company presents a broad range of capabilities in creating international digital campaigns, adjusted according to target audiences, geographic regions, end users and devices. Using the company's technology, advertisers can significantly increase the exposure of their campaigns and get higher conversion rates. DMG offers a smooth and efficient link between advertisers and publishers that benefits both sides.


The challenge

The main objective was to display the depth of knowledge held by the company about target audiences in many geographical areas, as well as the company's high capabilities in optimizing digital advertising campaigns globally. The main message is the professionalism of the company in creating digital campaign, reflected in increasing exposure and conversion rates, along with providing advanced solutions and tools for publishers which enables them to increase and make a better use of their advertising space. We were challenged to provide a smart and broad concept to reflect DMG's spirit and activity, targeted to work in all its marketing materials, primarily the company's web site and various digital and print elements. All this without changing the existing visual core values ​​of the company, such as logo and dominant colors (orange - black).


Concept and Design

The concept created by our creative is the "Digital Advertising World Headquarters”. The idea relies on the high concentration of knowledge and ability in one place, operated by a skilled and talented team of professionals. We chose to use elements taken from operation rooms: World Maps displayed on digital screens, marked with led-pins pointing locations and events globally in “real time”, control buttons, switches and indicators. Indications are displayed via graphs, icons, and character types.

Elements are animated and respond to the user's locations and activity. Navigation between the different parts of the page is done using an "Elevator". Different components on the site begin to "work" automatically when exposed on screen, such as operated switches that present data, graphs created in motion and more. A look and feel of a control panel is created, and the user can gather information by turning on switches, radar screens and scanners.

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