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    Date at first sight

    Blind Dating App Design

    Love is a Touch Away

    Bliinder is a location-based dating app that matches couples for a blind date. It enables its users to create a personal profile and set up their preferences. The app suggests matches with the same relationship expectations and interests. Once profiles are mutually liked, Bliinder sets a date and tells both people where and when to meet.

    The challenge:
    Design an app for blind dates in the digital mobile world, where everything is visual.

    User Experience

    Dating application design requires high accuracy in planning the user experience. The flow and actions that Bliinder’s users are required to perform are different from other dating apps. The usage scenario presents a clever twist to the familiar common search method: users swipe to like or dislike the recommendations by a photo, first name, and geo-location.

    Once profiles are mutually liked, Bliinder generates a date and location for an initial meet up and make sure both sides confirm attendance – but doesn’t reveal who is on the other side…

    Corporate Identity

    In addition to the app design, we have created various marketing assets for the app publishers to use for marketing and sales. This way all materials are consistent, memorable and identified with the app’s brand. The logo design set the starting point for the design of the stationary, business cards, advertisements and more.

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