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    Crown Energy Branding Process


    Crown Energy is an international company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company specialises in energy exploration, and also provides housing solutions and comprehensive services to oil and gas companies around the world.

    The challenge:
    branding a company that combines the activities of two companies that have merged and brought with them their own values and strengths. As part of the project, we created the brand strategy, developed a messaging platform, the design concept and created the brand identity guidelines.

    The Messaging Platform

    As part of the project, we created and implemented a brand strategy and defined a communication language, which includes the core values of the brand, the personality of the brand, the set of marketing messages which illustrate the vision of the company and the brand promise. The strategy, the messaging platform and communication language is flexible and according to the types of activities of the company and according to the various target audiences to which it addresses.

    Creating a website for a public company

    The design of the website is done with a clean and solid style that conveys seriousness, stability and confidence. Displaying a lot of information requires order and easy orientation, and accordingly we chose clear hierarchical navigation, which includes topics and sub-topics as well as the cross-site connections between related categories and topics.

    Crown Energy is a public company traded on the Swedish Stock Exchange in Stockholm. It is therefore obligated to comply with strict regulatory conditions, which have a major impact on the nature and content of its website. The site presents financial statements, information on air pollution and sustainability, information on the company’s stock, controlling shareholders and more.

    The Brand’s graphic assets and marketing materials

    The company’s branding included design and implementation of the branding on various types of materials for marketing and other everyday needs – such as designing helmets, name tags, brochures, brochures, presentations, operating accessories and more.

    The company’s branding extends to all of the company’s points of contact with its clients.

    Creating the advertising campaign

    As a complementary part to the branding process, we created the advertising concept to use as part of a campaign to promote the company. This concept and design language has combined the daily range of employees of the oil and gas companies, who alongside the strenuous physical work in a natural environment maintain a Western lifestyle in luxurious residential complexes.

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