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    Maximum Security

    Website design for a startup

    Secure your digital journey

    The client in this project is a startup company which develops the ‘File Disarmer’, a security solution based on Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology. With the aim of securing organizations throughout their digital transformation, the company is allowing the safe and free use of data, with full protection against unknown threats.

    The challenge: designing a website for a virtual product that lacks visual styling, while delivering a message of innovation and targeting enterprise organizations.

    Website design - tablet

    Image Making

    As the company brand was not clear and defined, we have created a visual language that uses icons and 3D objects with a distinctive style. By doing so, we delivered an interesting and fresh alternative to the common cybersecurity world visuals, which often uses generic images and metaphors such as shields, hoodies-hackers etc

    icon design - suitcase
    icon design - mailbox
    icon design - gift
    icon design - notebook
    icon design - archive
    icon design - factory
    Startup website - Video demo

    Web design
    for startups

    There are many challenges to face when it comes to startups web design and development. Technological explanations, complicated processes and virtual products with no visible presence – all sums up to a potential confuse for the users and makes it hard to deliver a clear message.

    That is why we decided to design this website using simple and accessible elements, clear CTA, visual explanations via icons, schemas alongside detailed textual information. On top of that the site’s navigation design is clear, simple and friendly.

    icon design - video
    icon design - animated gif
    icon design - MS-Word
    icon design - excel
    icon design - pdf
    icon design - jpg

    The navigation factory

    Users can navigate the site through 2 paths: by the product name or by organization type. This way we enable easy understanding and quick approach to relevant content for each user, allowing maximum focus on content in minimum time.

    Factory 3D animation

    The bottom line: Friendly design, providing a sense of innovation and security

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