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    Mercedes-Benz iPad app & website design

    Luxury and Innovation

    The luxury brand Mercedes-Benz is one of the strongest super-brands worldwide. A 130 year heritage, technological innovation, premium design, luxury and the famous star logo engage the imagination of millions of drivers and fans around the world.

    The goal: to create an appealing user experience which will strengthen the brand values and encourage the potential customer to choose Mercedes-Benz.

    App Design

    We created a dedicated application, installed on iPad devices located near each vehicle within the Mercedes-Benz showroom. The app holds a configurator for each connected vehicle, enabling its user to change the car model, color, wheels, engine, trims, accessories and more.

    The app assists the potential customer to configure his desired car and delivers the message of tailor-made product and service. This approach pushes forward the primary business goal – reinforcing the persuasion capabilities of salesmen, thus leading to sales growth.

    Website Design - Mercedes-Benz, view on laptop

    Website Design

    The Mercedes-Benz website uses rich media and contains a large amount of content and information – dozens of models, content pages, brand pages, special features and more. This broadened ramification required a clear hierarchal structure, a creation of an elegant navigation interface, and a proper and balanced distribution of the website sections.

    Navigation is performed via three navigation bars, each with the appropriate functionality according to its content. Special user interfaces and navigation tools were adapted for different website sections: timeline navigation; car configurator interface (choice of colors, RIMS(?) etc). In parallel with the navigation between different pages, an emphasis was placed on the call to action that accompanies users throughout the website and invites to book a test drive.

    The Best or Nothing

    As an international brand, Mercedes-Benz holds strict instructions and defined visual rules. Our objective was to create a balance between the international brand guidelines and the local market requirements, while simultaneously taking the site one step forward in terms of technology, functionality, user experience and design.  

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