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    Branding Rugby Israel

    Israel’s Got Rugby

    Over the past few years Rugby has gained increasing popularity  in Israel. The number of teams in the local league expands each year and the national team participates in international tournaments, constantly improving and gaining impressive achievements. In order to increase public awareness and attract people to join as players, fans and audience, we were asked by Rugby Israel to lead a re-branding process. The scope of the project included brand strategy, marketing methods, logo design, collaterals and advertisement design, merchandise, national team representative assets and more.

    The brand reflects professionalism, athletic and competitive excellence, national pride, solidarity and friendship, all of which have come to characterize Rugby.

    Using the logo design over ipad screen

    Logo Design

    The organization represents the State of Israel and is a member of the International Rugby Board. Therefore, we used a blue & white color palette which is associated with the national colors. The logo design consists of blue stripes inspired by the Israeli national flag, which create a three-dimensional shape of a rugby ball. The logo shape conveys values of dynamism (the movement of the ball while in flight), creativity (the 3-D ball created from a single stripe) and team spirit (a wrapped ribbon that bonds and unites).

    Branding Project - Rugby Player

    Representative Design

    Sport-related branding takes an important role when it comes to representative materials. Brand visuals are used consistently and conspicuously in all of the organization’s activities both locally and overseas. These include the national team’s official uniform, clothing and rugby ball, referees clothing, tickets, awards, trophies, advertisements, merchandise and much more.

    Web Design

    Rugby Israel works efficiently  employing innovative methods. The organization’s website is an advanced tool, enabling flexible management of the national league, players’ registration, medical information, referees management, teams database and more.

    Parallel to its functional aspect, the website presents the game, the active teams, the Rugby Israel activity and interesting facts about rugby in Israel and worldwide.  It brings fresh news from the rugby scene and invites the public to join the rugby experience in Israel.

    Let’s Play

    The national team’s official Hurricane match ball by Rhino.

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