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    A Jerusalem Night Tale

    Branding an artisan bakery

    A Bread Artisan

    Russell’s bakery is a unique boutique bakery in Jerusalem. Despite the common conception that good-tasting bread consists of unhealthy ingredients while a healthy bake is likely to be tasteless, Russell – the bread artisan – succeeds in making a delicious bread using only natural ingredients.

    The brand design is inspired by the nearly irresolvable fusion between tasty and healthy elements. We have created a world of fantasy, made of surprising mixtures, impossible combinations and a legend coming to life along the market alleys.

    Appealing Design

    A food brand is required to create a perception of quality and reliability. This is achieved through a neat, accurate and consistent design, appetizing photographs and a genuine reflection of the bakery’s fine bread.

    Website Design & Development

    The bakery’s brand website displays the breads catalog, information about the baking process, the ingredients and the bakery’s brand story.

    The website design includes unique icons, providing a warm atmosphere which relates to the bakery’s surrounding and the brands collaterals.

    bakery website design

    The Brand Story Tale

    In order to strengthen the brand as a magical world of legends and fantasy, we created a story tale which conveys the brand essence and values.

     “… The light spills onto the street, and the shadows of the baker and his assistants dance along the sidewalk and up the walls of Jerusalem stone. On the other side of the door commotion reigns, as the bakers run to and fro, the ingredients for the bread assume shape and color, and a heady aroma fills the air…”. 

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