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    Branding a start-up company

    Artificial Intelligence, Human Wisdom.

    Wizer is a consumer research platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze your business questions and provide fast, affordable and in-depth market insights.

    The branding process required a precise balance between a solid business approach, targeting enterprise companies, and an innovative and groundbreaking product.

    Strategic Design

    The design process was fashioned in order to strengthen the brand strategy while supporting the company’s core values and vision.

    Rich visual language

    The brand’s visual language consisted of an eye pleasing design, combining neat and aesthetic visuals together with sophistication and direct messaging.

    The design deliverables included various elements for multiple platforms and needs: Logo design, color palette, icons design, animations, typographic array, digital and printed design elements and more.





    Information Design

    In order to maintain a consistent appearance  throughout the brand, we have created a uniform look and feel for various information objects, such as numerical info, graphs, charts etc.

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