YO - Branding a sperm test kit
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    Branding a home sperm test kit

    In the comfort of your phone

    YO is the first FDA cleared Smartphone based solution for sperm testing. We were asked to create a comprehensive brand process, including brand strategy, messaging platform, visual brand, mobile app UX & UI, packaging design and an e-commerce website. We also supported the product launch in the US market, followed by other global markets.

    YO Package Design

    Brand Strategy

    The first step in branding the product was building a brand strategy. It was based on US market research insights, alongside mapping the product in terms of competition, value, market demand and potential target audiences. The leading message is the perception of the product as a reliable and accurate medical device, developed by fertility experts. Accordingly, the brand visual presence is solid, bold and masculine, delivering a message of trust, stability and seriousness.

    Mobile App Design

    The mobile application (Android & iOS) is the heart of the product, and required a high accuracy in planning the interface, the user experience and the screen design. The app leads the user and takes him step-by-step through the test, with a friendly interface, simple and clear instructions, explanatory animations and professional information throughout the process.

    The YO brand combines seriousness and friendliness, providing a sense of trust and accessibility, ease of use and intuitive usage.

    Website Design

    Yo Website is the spearhead of the product sales operation. It is an easy way to buy the test kit quickly and discreetly. The website includes an online store and provides information about the product and the company, technical support and interaction with the customer service team.

    Via a rich professional content section, the brand is bolstered as a reliable information source about pregnancy, fertility tests in general and male fertility tests in particular.

    App UX & UI

    With the understanding that most users will likely be tense and anxious while taking the test, we put special emphasis on creating a simple and intuitive usability. The interface and user experience allows a quick comprehension of the process, avoiding complex actions that might increase the abandonment rate. For example, while the user waits for the app to process the data, the application assists him with a ‘time killer’ – fun trivia quiz about sperm and fertility.

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